3. Toyzz Shop & HAYTAP Cooperation for Donations to Turgut Reis Animal Rehabilitation Center
4. How Can You Support Haytap Projects in The New Year?
5. Help Stray Animals by Buying Chocolate from Haytap!
6. What Was The Fault of These Poor Mules?
7. HAYTAP Once Again Saved Many Cats and Dogs from the Cruel Pet Shop Trade!
8. TRILOGIQ & HAYTAP Collaboration for Transportation Gurneys for Our Animal Friends
9. Corporate Supporter Companies of Haytap - FRIENDS OF HAYTAP
10. World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Surpreme Foundation has awarded HAYTAP with its Best Community Service NGO Award
11. Haytap—Fighting for long-term change for animals in Turkey
12. HAYTAP’s Manifesto
13. Pet paintings support Turkey’s stray animals in new HAYTAP project
14. Books on animal rights
15. (*) Pets in apartments
16. How to Make a Donation to Haytap
17. Why is it necessary to microchip animals?
18. ( *) Give Me Money to Protect Animals
19. (*) Come on, my love, you can do it !
21. The Boards We Put in the Istanbul Airport International Terminal
22. (*) HAYTAP is against gigantic shelters such as Istanbul Kısırkaya !
23. La Cour Internationale De Juctice Des Droits De L’Animal
24. İBB Not Doing Enough For Horses On İstanbul islands
25. Activists Expect Positive Revisions To Controversial Animal Protection Bill
26. An Article About HAYTAP
27. An Article About HAYTAP in Faculty Of Journalism Of Lomonosov Moscow State University Book
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29. Turkish Strays in NY TIMES
30. (*) Just After Gallipoli Wars - Çanakkale Savaşları Sonrası
31. Haytap Visit To Captain June in Dalyan
32. Haytap Activists Count Down to Criminalization of Animal Cruelty
33. (*) What Did HAYTAP Do in 2011
34. Book To Save Animals, Nature And The Poor
35. (*) SOSROOMS,COM for stray Animals
36. (*) SAY “NO” TO ZOOS , AS WELL !
37. Nobody in Turkey Wants A Dog, But Everybody Feeds Them
38. Whom Do You Serve, My Brother?
39. HAYTAP , Adding A New One To Its Devoted Efforts…
40. Bloody Market of Petshops and Dogtraficcing (*)
41. (*) Istanbul : What Kind Of City We Want ?
42. (*) What Is HAYTAP?
43. (*) An Exemplary Project For Stray Animals
44. (*) Turkey's PM urged to take measures on animal rights
45. (*) Institutionalizing in Animal Rights Movement and HAYTAP
46. (*) Turning Off The Tap by Closing The Valve !
47. (*) In Order To Help The Weak
48. (*) Animal Protection Bill Law No 5199
49. (*) The First Animal Rights Federation Of Turkey; HAYTAP
51. I Clicked, I Clacked, And Thus I Protected Animal Rights!
52. What did HAYTAP do in 2008?
53. (*)There is no Nationalism in Defending Animal Rights!
54. Haytap's Opinion Against Peta's Declaration
55. Meows and Woofs Translate to Votes
56. Do Not Take My Loneliness
57. (*) What Must Be The Duties of An Animal Protection Society?
58. How long torturing animals will continue to be aceepted merely as a misdemeanaur instead of crime ?
59. Commodity Or A Living Think
60. Bloody Market of Petshops and Dogtraficcing (*)
61. Fears over stray dogs law change (*)
62. Please boycott China !
63. International Solidarity Against China! 2007
64. Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (*)
65. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
66. Faults In Application of Animal Protection Law - Hurriyet (*)
67. Animal Protection Bill Law no 5199 (*)